Saturday, July 17, 2010

Typical Introduction

So I caved and decided to make a blog (obviously). I wasn't sure that i was all into the idea, but after thinking about it, I thought it would be a good way to record and remember some stuff while I'm doing the college program. Speaking of that, I am in disbelief that I only have three weeks until I leave. Honestly, I have no idea where all the time has gone, but I am beyond excited to get this experience started. I just hope it doesn't go by as fast as the wait time did.

But, before I start blabbing away, I'll cover the basics. My name is Elyse and I'm a 22 year-old from Buffalo, NY. I recently just graduated from the University at Buffalo, SUNY this past May and I now have a bachelor's in Business Administration. I absolutely love the New York Yankees more than any other sports team, but I do enjoy sports as a whole, too. I also like the Buffalo Sabres, even though they don't know how to win. I am crazily obsessed with Disney World, and all things Disney, really, hence why I'm starting the College Program in a few weeks. I also love to travel and yes I do go to places other than Disney...sometimes. I feel like anything else I could say about myself is going to sound more like my seven year old Myspace page than a blog.

For those of you who are interested, I got accepted into attractions for the CP. I just found out that I'll be working in Hollywood Studios, which I'm ecstatic about since that just so happens to be my favorite Disney park! I'll be working on one of the backlands attractions, which I was told could be Lights, Motors, Action, Backlot Tour, Toy Story Mania, The Little Mermaid show, Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground (Dear God, no!), Animation Courtyard, or One Man's Dream. I'm really hoping for Toy Story Mania at this point because not only do I really enjoy that ride and movie, but that does seem like the best option out of the list that I have. I really would have liked to end up on the sunset attractions, i.e. Tower of Terror and/or Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, BUT at least I'll be in the same park where they are. Can't complain. I mean honestly, even if I was custodial and they stuck me at Animal Kingdom, I'd still be able to work for Disney, so I can't ever really be that upset. Just doing the program has always been a big dream of mine.

Anyways, that should be enough of a background for my first post, right? I'm not really sure how these things work yet. I feel like this is a mature LiveJournal or something. I'm gonna try to update semi-often which shouldn't be a problem since I always have something to talk about and I do get bored sometimes. I should use that time to start making my lists and packing for Disney, but who does things ahead of time? Not this girl!

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