Sunday, July 18, 2010

Disney Bucket List

There's some things that I need to do while I'm working for Disney that I've never done before. That's what I was thinking of today at work while I was doing my last floorset ever (hopefully) in retail! It's great to be down to my last two weeks of work. That just means the time is getting even closer to leave for Disney!

Anyways, to start of my Disney must see/do list, I'd like to see every performer and band around the world at Epcot. I have my favorites already like Mariachi Cobre and The British Invasion, but I know I've never seen the Japanese and Chinese performers, and I only briefly heard the hat lady while I was in the Rose and Crown Pub this past September. I might not be able to see them all in one day, but my goal is to at least see every performer once. I think that's pretty doable in five months.

To coincide with my first must do, I'd also like to drink around the world, but that doesn't really need any explanation. All I know is that the orange slush in France is so delicious and I can't wait to get one of those again, soon!

It might be hard for some people that know me to believe, but I've never been to the Disney water parks, so that's definitely on my list. I'm not sure if I can do that one slide where the floor opens up underneath you, but I like thrills like that, so who knows?

I definitely want to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, but honestly, I'm not really sure what that's even about. I just know that I want to go to it. Likewise, I'm excited to see everything that Disney does around Christmas since I've only ever been there one time when they had some (not all) of their Christmas decorations up. From the pictures that I've seen online, I know that'll be an amazing sight to see.

I absolutely want to visit every Disney hotel. At this point, I think I've been to about half of them, but based on other people's pictures, I'm pretty sure I haven't seen almost anything at the hotels I've been to. For example, I know I never went to any beach when I stopped at the Polynesian, so I really would like to go to them all while I'm down there. I might try to stay just one night at one of the semi-nicer hotels since I've only ever been able to stay at the All Star Movies and Pop Century. I wanna know what it's like to have a little bit more money than I do haha!

This next one I'll have to do during my first week there, but I need to see all the Summer Nightastic stuff that Disney is doing, especially at the Tower of Terror.

Hopefully I'll have enough money for this, but I'd like to eat at more restaurants than just 50s Prime Time. Trust me, I love it there and always have a good time, but I'd like to experience the rest of Disney dining, at least a little bit.

I'm gonna try, and should be able to, ride all the rides that I've never been on before, even the childish ones like Dumbo. It's not that I don't like them or anything, just never wanted to spend the time I guess. I just wanna do that one to say I did it.

I'm determined to see what the utilidors are like at the Magic Kingdom. Somebody told me that I can say I'm going down there for a haircut at Kingdom Kutters, so I hope that's a good plan!

Outside of Disney, there's things I'd like to do around Orlando, too. I wanna go back to Universal Studios because I do actually like it there. Also, I've never been to Islands of Adventure so I'm sure that would be an experience. City Walk has a nice nighttime atmosphere so I'd like to check out some of the places there, too. I've never been to Sea World, so I'll try to go there as well. Somebody was telling me that there's some fun dinner shows like Capones (I think) and I know about Arabian Nights so I'd like to check those out. Downtown Orlando is a must-see at least once so I'll be venturing there one day. I'll hopefully be traveling to a few beaches at least a couple times. When else am I gonna have an opportunity to swim in October (it can't happen in Buffalo, trust me)! And as it stands right now, I'll be traveling to Tampa Bay in the middle of September to see my beloved New York Yankees play The Rays at Tropicana Field.

So there you have it. My preliminary list of all the things I wanna see, do, or accomplish in the five months that I have. I'd say if I take advantage of all my days off, I should have a pretty good chance at getting it all done!


  1. I have never had the orange slush in France but I have heard it is so good! I can't wait to try it.

  2. We'll be able to go get one shortly! :-)